Contribute Documentation

This website, including all documentation, is generated with Hugo. The content of the website is written in Markdown.

Please follow the following steps if you want to contribute to Workrave’s documentation or website.

Fork the website repository

Fork the Workrave website on Github and check out your fork locally.

% git clone
% cd workrave-website
% git remote add upstream git://

More information on forking a git repository can be found on Github

Optionally, create a feature branch for your changes:

% git checkout -b my-feature-branch

Install all prerequisites

The Workrave website is generated using Hugo. Please verify your edits locally before committing any changes. Hugo, NodeJS and a number of NodeJS packages are required to verify your changes:

Make your changes

Use your favorite editor to improve this website, or Workrave’s documentation. The documentation is located in folder content/en/docs. All pages are written in Markdown.

Some sites to get you started with Markdown:

Test your changes

Always run a local Hugo server to test your changes locally:

cd workrave-website
hugo server -F -w

Then open localhost:1313 in your browser and verify your changes.

Commit and create a pull request

Commit your changes and create a pull request.