Workrave 1.10.31 Released

by Rob Caelers in release

Mar 26, 2019

Workrave 1.10.31 has been released. This release fixes a few issues in combination with Linux desktop environments and has a few minor improvements.

Changes since Workrave 1.10.23:

  • Add GetTimerRemaining dbus function.
  • Prevent “Workrave wants to inhibit shortcuts” on Wayland
  • Fix timer bar text color under Wayland
  • Do not dim text in time bar when window is not focused.
  • Fix menu in Cinnamon applet
  • Fix bouncing Cinnamon applet
  • Fix Gnome Shell applet for Gnome Shell v3.30
  • Reduce padding in timer window
  • Fix AppStream metadata (Balló György)
  • Update Slovak translation (Jose Riha)