by Raymond Penners in in-the-press

Apr 18, 2010

An e-mail news letter with over 250,000 subscribers writes: Recommended by Locker gnome.

Not too long ago, I saw a new kind of mouse that allows you to naturally keep your hand sideways, like holding the steering wheel of a car. I’ve been watching for that, and might consider it in the future as a preventive from repetitive strain injury (RSI). Workrave ensures you take the necessary breaks to avoid or help recover from RSI. The two types of breaks are micro-pause (a brief moment of relaxation) and rest break (a longer break away from the computer). Also, the program has exercises you can do during your breaks, and they can be done in a cubicle. View the statistics to see how many breaks you’ve taken as well as the activities such as keystrokes and using the mouse. Take a break after you finish reading this newsletter. Try closing your eyes or looking at something that is far away.

Again, congratulations on providing fine resources to the Internet community.